OSB Plant Log Ponds and Green End Modifications


Louisiana Pacific
OSB Log Ponds
Dawson Creek, BC

Louisiana Pacific undertook a $ 7.25 million upgrade to its OSB Plant in Dawson Creek as part of a company-wide project to modernize all of its OSB facilities. The overall upgrade included the overhaul of the plant’s log ponds and jackladders, as well as improvements to the plant’s thermal oil energy system to provide heat for the log ponds. CWA completed the detailed engineering for the upgrade, consisting of new heated log thaw ponds complete with log infeed magazines, overhead log hold-down forwarding chains, and jack ladder conveyors for elevating the logs to take-away conveyor systems.

The refurbishing of the ponds ensured that the logs would be properly conditioned before they make their way into the stranders and facilitated reduced operational costs, improved quality and increased overall capacity. The upgrades were carried out during continued plant operations and were completed under schedule and budget.