Wood Chips Barge Unloading


Harmac Pulp & Paper
Barge Unloading System
Nanaimo, BC

CWA was engaged to provide engineering, procurement and construction management services (EPCM) for the new fibre handling system for Harmac Pulp. Working closely with Harmac’s management team, CWA reinvented the mill’s chip receiving, outstocking, reclaim and storage facilities, providing Harmac the flexibility to balance the constantly changing fibre supply on the BC coast and meet the pulp mill’s chip consumption requirements .

One of the unique challenges of the project was the blasting 7,000 tons of rock in the seabed to create berthage for barge unloading within the narrow window of time allotted by the authorities to minimize environmental impact. The project scope also includes the detailed design of all conveyors and supporting structures as well as the coordination of their fabrication and installation.