Posted on 05/11/2016 at 9:55am

Teck Resources Limited | Logan Lake, BC, Canada

primary crusher relocation

Moving the primary crusher into position

Teck Highland Valley Copper Operations, located near Kamloops, BC, is the largest open pit copper mine in Canada. To facilitate the future expansion of the Valley Pit, existing primary crusher #4, and the associated overland conveyors and infrastructure required relocation.

CWA Engineers was engaged by Teck to develop the preliminary construction execution plan, capital cost estimate and detailed design for the relocation. The project also required refurbishment of the crusher hopper, crusher maintenance gantry crane modifications, a new proportional feed transfer tower and a new stand-alone electrical room. During the detailed design phase CWA worked closely with Teck to develop a construction schedule that could be integrated into mine operations to minimize required shutdowns of key equipment to complete the construction and commissioning of both the new and relocated systems.

In order to help review the quality of work and minimize potential construction cost overruns, CWA provided Teck with field engineering and construction management support services, including both field and office support for the duration of the shutdowns. Field support consisted of 24 hour, 7 day a week on-site services over a four month period, with mechanical, structural and electrical engineers who had been involved in the detailed design rotating in and out of the schedule to provide technical assistance as required. By using the same personnel who had been responsible for the design, and who were therefore already highly familiar with the project, CWA was able to provide effective and efficient on-site engineering support services. These services included commissioning planning and assistance, change order reviews, deficiency list preparation for contract close out, and co-ordination between construction contractors and maintenance personnel.

relocation of overland conveyors

Relocation of the associated overland conveyors

While on-site, CWA’s engineers were involved with site safety including project safety walks, inspections, lockout authority, lockout points, lockout procedures, and lockout boxes to facilitate commissioning.

The project was successfully completed under budget in July 2015, and is currently in operation.

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