ASSET Reliability Division


ASSET Reliability Division

A – Assessment

S – Sustainability

S – Safety

E – Enhancement

T – Testing


CWA’s ASSET Reliability Division is a dedicated group of CWA personnel whose focus is to provide engineering, procurement and project management services for smaller capital projects, maintenance projects, repair projects, equipment and structure inspections. Our team has extensive field experience on a variety of projects over a range of industries including Mining and Minerals, Ports and Marine Terminals, Infrastructure, and Wood Products. CWA’s ASSET Reliability Division is a multi-disciplinary team capable of exceeding clients’ needs on Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical projects.

CWA possesses the expertise, technology, project management systems, and industry knowledge to successfully deliver projects on time and on budget. CWA executes all projects using safe practices, innovative solutions, and attention to corporate social responsibility.

CWA Safety & Training

Our Philosphy…

The safety of our employees is of the utmost importance in the daily operation of our business.

Safety Education and Training

CWA’s safety education and training program includes safety orientations for all employees and enhanced training for members of the ASSET Reliability Division who have increased exposure on industrial sites. CWA is committed to ongoing safety training including Aerial Platform Training,  Safe Watercraft Operation Training, Lockout Training, Confined Space Training and Fall Arrest/Fall Restraint Training, as well as regular lunch and learns on a variety of safety topics.

Real World Experience

The ASSET Reliability Division members have first-hand exposure to existing facilities and safe working procedures. Prior to starting work onsite a JSHA (Job Safety and Health Analysis) is conducted for every project. Daily tool box talks are conducted by the onsite team leader. CWA strives to exceed all of our clients’ safety program requirements and onsite safety procedures. CWA continuously looks for ways to monitor and improve safety right from design, procurement and fabrication through to construction management, inspections, installation and commissioning.

Small Projects

  • Monorails
  • Jib Cranes
  • Platforms, Walkways, Stairs & Ladders
  • Dust Collection & Dust Control
  • HVAC
  • Piping & Pumping
  • Lifting Beams & Lifting Lugs
  • Modifications & Alterations
  • Repair & Rehabilitation Projects
  • Enhancements of Existing Systems

Condition Inspections & Load Testing

  • Shiploaders
  • Ship Unloaders
  • Barge Loaders
  • Barge Unloaders
  • Barge Ramps
  • Marine Structures
    • Piles, Dolphins, Berths, Docks, Wharves
  • Rail Car Dumpers
  • Cranes
  • Structures
    • Buildings, Bridges, Silos, Towers
  • Conveyors

CWA ASSET Reliability 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Number

Need immediate assistance onsite? CWA’s ASSET Reliability Division offers an exclusive service to our clients. In the event where unexpected incidents occur, our professionals will be available on call to assist any time, any day. Such initiative, like many others, is in line with our philosophy of meeting and exceeding client expectations.

ASSET Reliability 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Number:

1.855.366.CWA3 (2923)

CWA ASSET Reliability 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Number